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Functional areas of RTV Technologie GmbH

We help our clients to gain the competitive advantage in organizing a successful business and achieve sustainable development.

Strategic advice

Internal audit and control consulting


IT consulting

Development and installation of software products in the area of ​​internal control and risks


Operational support

Professional training and advisory services for the proposed products


Strategic advice

Internal audit includes an independent, objective assessment and training recommendations aimed at creating added value and improving the operating performance of the company.

Internal audit helps the organization achieve its goals through the application of a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management processes, control and corporate governance.

The company expects that the internal audit function will provide additional benefits through the development of new ideas in areas of cost savings, revenue optimisation and improvements processes. Today, for a variety of reasons, the internal audit service does not always meet these requirements.

Our approach to the internal audit function is aimed at casting process risk management in line with the strategic goals of the company. As a result, the scope of activities of the internal audit service includes a number of business operations that are outside of the financial and accounting areas, and reporting process.

Our services include

Evaluate the effectiveness of the internal audit service/quality

The establishment, modernization and improvement of the internal audit service — from policy development and internal audit procedures to creating generic audit programs for various business processes

Outsourcing and the formation of a team of internal audit department

IT consulting

RTV Technologie GmbH is an authorised distributor of AutoAudit software from Refinitiv in Eastern Europe and CIS. Service includes training and professional services to install and maintain the software

Learn what are the advantages of the program used by 150 000 Auditors representing more than 1 500 organisations from various countries of the world!

AutoAudit software is an industry standard for managing internal audit. AutoAudit — advanced software used around the world. It helped to make a breakthrough in audit, allowing audit units of all sizes spend less time on documentation and testing and to devote more time to the delivery of services and grow profitability.

Exclusive owner of AutoAudit around the world is Refinitiv — world leader in GRC solutions.


Use AutoAudit to achieve more with less effort and cost.

First-in-class workflow solution — AutoAudit — improves the efficiency and the impact of the entire internal audit process, including risk assessment, graphics and charts creation, planning, auditing, validation, reporting, trend analysis, time sheets, reporting to the Audit Committee, and data storage.

Offering integrated audit management strategy eliminating paper environment — AutoAudit software solves the issue associated with the use of paper folders and disparate electronic files. This ensures that all aspects of the audit process are becoming more effective.

AutoAudit software allows you to consistently and effectively manage audit process — from creating audit universe to the final phase of the audit. AutoAudit creates conditions for the uninterrupted flow of data in all areas of work of the internal auditor using risk-based approach.

Operational support

The service and support for the proposed programs begins when the client is installed on the server. We support users in 10/5 mode, and if necessary, we are ready to provide round-the-clock support.

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